…explain away a rainbow for me

Explain away

a rainbow for me

   And watch the


  burn off like


early morning


You can’t know

how important

you are

to who

I am.

Without a lifetime of


you are

    left with

   a narcissictic sense

    that life is

best lived

in front 

  of where you are now.

Not knowing that I 

would hold you

in the arms

    of a true lover––

–––––––––where time…


And joy is

the only

emotion allowed 


Will you ever 

see me

………………….as I see You?

Will you hold me in

your dreams

As I imagine you

in my arms?


I hold the thought of you in my dreams

But cannot seem to find

the door

to leave

to be with you

I have misplaced the key

And blankly

I find myself staring

At the rusted lock

binding my love.

do you hear me crying

A spirited weeping 

From my Soul?

So deep––

So dark

So lonely.

Are you unable to form words

of comfort

    and understanding….

Or is your heart cold

to the needs and wants 

of my Love.

I do not wish to grow old

–––AlonE–––a bitter epilogue

To a life of 

abundance and joy.

The solitary confinement of death

draws ever clearer to me.

I see the black halo

surround my rainbow

And eat its way through

Hopes and Dreams

    like pungent termites

in a decaying forest.

No weeping for me

my lost friends

For I have found


In the arms of

my own love

I have learned 

to live is often

more painful

than Death’s 

own putrid

grip on my throat…___Image