Time for Change

Today’s post begins a new work.

I have embraced change most of my life, often to excess, but this time it is a bit different.  Several months ago I was offered the opportunity to study another culture through living and working there.  Tuesday, August 4th is the first tangible evidence of that opportunity.  At 4:35 PM, I begin my journey to Asia.  This has been a long time coming, as I have proffered the idea of living and working abroad for many years.  The time is rife for me to journey into this professional dream.  Each Sunday evening (which will be Saturday morning for my friends in the United States), I will blog about my adventures.  There will be time and opportunity to dialogue with you, answer questions and to share the beautiful experience of Asia with my readers.  Feel free to share and question as much as you wish.  You can use this site or my email:  findyourignitionpoint@gmail.com which is mostly dedicated to this work and to my writing career.

I want to thank my beautiful sister, Janice and my Mom, for helping me so diligently these past few months.  They have provided the stability and wisdom I needed to transition to a new lifestyle, and I will be forever beholding to them.  If you are close to them, support them in the days ahead, as the distance between us will be difficult to navigate!  For those of you wanting a bigger share in this adventure, I have a 2 bedroom apartment which is available for you to use anytime you come to Asia.  I will be in China, and will be more specific about my location in upcoming posts.  For now, thank you for your input into my life, for supporting me in friendship and love, and for being part of this grand adventure.


5 thoughts on “Time for Change

    1. Thank you Karen! Your friendship and support has meant a lot to me for more than 40 years! Wish I had told you that in person decades ago. Have a great day!


  1. You are inspirational Gary! Best wishe and I will be watching for your blog. As I prepare to transition from a career in education to who knows what over these next 2 years.


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