This Time of Year

This Time of Year

I love this time of year!  So many people caring for others, friends and family at the top of the “to-do list,” and giving becomes a societal past time!  Perhaps this is as it should be:  people caring for people.  To my family and friends, thank you for making this a great year.  I have gone through so many changes, and yet I find a new resilience in my character.  I have defined who I am, what I long for, who I love and finally have a better idea of who loves me back.  I’ve learned that judgment and fear have no place in a relationship, that knowing yourself is the greatest knowledge a person can possess, and that love is all we need:  it defines us.   If you haven’t already, take time to write a letter or send a card to those you love the most.  Getting a real piece of mail will do so much for those whom you so honor!  Gifts are important, especially to the children.  As adults, we need to be reminded of the relationships we have;  nurture them as if your life depends upon it, for it surely does.  Thank you my dear sisters for reminding me of this important concept!  I have a deeper capacity for love at the end of 2014;  deeper than I have ever known before.  To those who have walked through this time with me:  thank you and bless you.  You are the light that allows me to shine.  I trust you feel the same about me.  Thank you, ChristmasTravel Trip NYC Holiday Windows for reminding us of what is important.  You are indeed the Light of the World!

The Mission

I was asked earlier this week, in light of the recent Thanksgiving Holiday, about my mission for Namastesia Publications and Events.  I’d like to share just a couple of emerging thoughts on this.  First of all, this is an extension of the professional career I’ve had for many years.  This did not just “happen.”  This is something I have cultivated for decades, and have now put my life in a position to execute these plans.  Much thought, meditation and energy has gone into developing not only the products, publications and events: but the mission as well.  Secondly, I am totally committed to realizing the mission, goals and objectives of this amazing organization.  The coming months will see me in a full-time relationship to Namastesia, which increases my availability for events, new works and commissions!

Namastesia Publications and Events will provide a blueprint toward a better way of life through education and example, through the simple act of retaking control of our lives.  As a culture, we have given over the reigns of our lives to other people, institutions, and ideologies for centuries.  In “light” of recent developments in technology, medical research, and a growing dissatisfaction with the status of so many of our lives, the time is right to improve the quality of our health physically, mentally and spiritually.  You can be exactly who you want to be!  All that stands in your way is a plan, and the courage to implement that plan.

The ancillary goal has been developed for the education profession, but has application in any institution, business or organization.  The focus found in 21st century models for educational reform have been completely remiss in addressing the true genesis of educational reform:  the teachers themselves.  Let Namastesia, through its events and/or publications show you where to begin to increase your students’ achievement.  It doesn’t start with better facilities, rigorous teacher evaluations or technology!  It emanates from making the teachers (or employees, or members!) better at who they are…not WHAT they do!  What they do depends on who they are, how they feel and how they have evolved!  The canvas upon which we paint improved test scores, profits or happiness begins with living as a noun…not a verb!