…and so it begins


A new adventure has begun.  The warm Texas sun greeted me this morning from among the rolling hills of Austin.  A distant familiarity enveloped my mood as I shared a cup of Native Pecan-flavored coffee with my cafe strangers.  I couldn’t help but think that life is all about re-booting.  Each day, each relationship, each career…each aspect of our lives provides the impetus to “begin-again.”   It is my responsibility to recognize these opportunities, show compassion for myself in my journey, and to walk among my tribe with love and care.

I find so many friends who feel trapped within their daily lives, and I wonder why they self-shackle themselves to such a meager existence.  We worry about the future, finances, fret over the past and wonder why we are unhappy.  Perhaps the truth about true happiness lies in these questions:  1.  Have I a place to call home?  2.  Have I eaten today?  3. Do I love others, and have others who love me?  If these are in place, then happiness is within our grasp:  everything else is just minutia, entrapments the world uses to ensnare us into dissatisfaction.

Find time to enjoy the outdoors today…regardless of the temperature.  Nature does much to care for my soul, and I’m sure she will speak to you as well!