I spent time in the company of two of my dearest friends today.  One is a friend from high school who has known me my entire adult life.  The other is a relative newcomer to my journey, but one with keen insight into my soul.   I was reminded of the pure bliss of having these men in my life.  Taking time out of our schedules to share a meal,  a cup of coffee and a meaningful discourse was more than rewarding:  it was delightful.  I don’t have insight into the why’s and how’s, I just want to honor them and the time we invested in one another.  So much of our culture is held together with digital images and communiques that we forget how important it is to sit around a table, look into each others’ eyes and engage.

Thank you, gentlemen, for being a part of my life, for reminding me there is nothing more important in this world than friends, and that if I am too busy for you….then I am TOO BUSY!

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The first book in a 3-part series, “The Ignition Point-Striking the Match” leads readers to a greater understanding of our own responsibilities to our body, mind and spirit. The full release is slated for January 20, 2015, but prerelease copies can be purchased (digital or paperback) at the Tate Publishing website:

Based on my personal experiences and research, this “dark night of my soul” led to a deeper understanding of myself, the life I was living, and the future that lay before me.  We have the power to shape our destiny through the informed choices we make about our daily lives.  As one of my teachers shares:  “…to change your life, change your morning!”   Pick up a copy of this amazing little book and change your life!

Digital Image of The Ignition Point

“The Ignition Point-Striking the Match”

What an exciting time in the life of! My first book release marks the beginning of a new phase of my professional life. This is the first of 3 books, and in reality it is the sequel to what is next: “Spreading the Flame.” For many years I was addicted to the life “I was supposed to want” and unable to hear or see the messages my mind and body were sending. Journey with me and retake responsibility for your health: body, mind and spirit.

Digital Image of The Ignition Point