It Is Either Love…or It Isn’t

Life is intended to be a beautiful experience.  Each of us have arrived at this specific place to fill a void that otherwise would have left the universe wanting! As unique expressions, we should derive immense satisfaction from the uniquity of our being, and armed with this knowledge move through every precious moment in love.  How many of our problems are manifest in our lives because we operate out of fear, judgment, rumor, or selfishness?  Why do we go through the day upset at other people because we have “heard” something negative about them, or something negative they supposedly said?  Why do we catastrophize outcomes to problems or difficult situations, when the worst that could happen, rarely does?  Why?  Because we do not operate in Love.

Love means when I hear something about someone that I could take personally, or that upsets me, I go to that person and diaogue.  People that speak disparagingly about other people rarely tell the truth:  they are almost always driven by an agenda, not by love.  Negative situations that confront us are never improved by fear and retaliation.  In both cases, our best response is love.

It could be expressed through kindness, understanding, compassion or just an ear that listens.  It could be a helping hand, a hug, or a life-long friendship.  Through it all, we better ourselves and the world around us by moving in love.  Most people fail to see this because they have no compassion for themselves either.  We must love ourselves before we can love others.  This may be the most important lesson we could learn today.  We are taught to be critical, suspect and selfish.  We think happiness in life is directly proportionate to the assets we obtain:  nothing could be further from the truth!  True happiness in life begins with the understanding of compassion for ourselves, and the external expression of this truth through our interactions with others!


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