I love this time of year!  So many people caring for others, friends and family at the top of the “to-do list,” and giving becomes a societal past time!  Perhaps this is as it should be:  people caring for people.  To my family and friends, thank you for making this a great year.  I have gone through so many changes, and yet I find a new resilience in my character.  I have defined who I am, what I long for, who I love and finally have a better idea of who loves me back.  I’ve learned that judgment and fear have no place in a relationship, that knowing yourself is the greatest knowledge a person can possess, and that love is all we need:  it defines us.   If you haven’t already, take time to write a letter or send a card to those you love the most.  Getting a real piece of mail will do so much for those whom you so honor!  Gifts are important, especially to the children.  As adults, we need to be reminded of the relationships we have;  nurture them as if your life depends upon it, for it surely does.  Thank you my dear sisters for reminding me of this important concept!  I have a deeper capacity for love at the end of 2014;  deeper than I have ever known before.  To those who have walked through this time with me:  thank you and bless you.  You are the light that allows me to shine.  I trust you feel the same about me.  Thank you, ChristmasTravel Trip NYC Holiday Windows for reminding us of what is important.  You are indeed the Light of the World!

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