I have a disciplined approach to writing, and am prone to stick to my blogging schedule: a commitment I have made to myself and my readers.  I develop the blog during the week, map it out on Friday and Saturday, and post it Sunday evening.  But today, I feel compelled to interlude.

I’ve been reflecting on permanence in our culture, or at least the concept of permanence.  I have come to the conclusion that I agree with Francis J. Underwood, that much more than permanence, I seek harmony.  That moment when all is right within the circle I recognize as my life.  A brief moment of perfection imprinted upon my mind that reminds me of the true essence of who I am.  In harmony with myself, my intimate partners, my beautiful sons, my tribe of dreamers and the Spirit that continues to evolve within me.

In many ways my life is a microcosm of this belief.  Moments of sheer joy extruded through music, art, dance and the written word cleanses me, and reflects the greater beauty inherent in the universe.  Neither monuments, power, money nor beauty instills this within me, or  the human consciousness at-large.

We have a monumental debate about the nature of poverty, wealth and power ransacking our national consciousness.  We live in the most affluent culture the world has ever seen, and we debate whether poverty-riddled people should make a livable wage.  Blue-collar, minimum-wage jobs are the gateways to the middle class, and our economic system is built upon maintaining a powerful middle-class.  Providing resources will assist people in leveraging their time toward gaining a better education, more opportunities for their children and a wealth of services industrious people should be able to access.  How much is enough…on both sides of this issue?  It is the essence of permanence within the universe.

On a much more important level, this would go a long way toward instilling a deeper sense of dignity and honor within our color-blind system of generational poverty.  It is my experience that people who deride this have no friends who subsist on a minimum wage income.  If you are against this, go talk to your friends and loved ones who are working to make it on $8.00 or $9.00 an hour.  If you look around, and you do not have any friends who struggle like this, you need to get out of your bubble, lay what you have been given aside (for we have ALL been given much), and make some friends in this sector.

The greatest monuments to our success is not something built of steel and stone;  it is not an enviable investment portfolio, nor a professional career that provides the resources for our dreams.  There is nothing wrong with working for financial gain, but when it comes at the detriment of an entire sector of our civilization, then it is not industry, but greed that is our god.

When we see people, not platforms;  families, not statistics, the compassionate-humanity of this reform is compelling.  It is possible for us to live in harmony.  We contribute our voice, and that voice finds others with which to harmonize.  When we realize the interconnectedness of our species, the essence of our humanity, this understanding will pave the way for the type of world we know awaits!

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