“…Want to Dance?”

Together: In: MotionI think a lot about love.  I guess because it is so important to me.  What I have recently come to realize is that for such a long time, I never thought about what it meant.  I took for granted that I knew what it was, how it looked, and how it felt.

But I was wrong.

I have discovered that love is absolute.  That perfect love can only emanate from within a person who is totally, completely and utterly in love with themselves, and then able to reflect that love upon others.  For many years I substituted cheap counterfeits for real love.  I paraded career, education, accomplishment and financial security as meaningful goals for my life.  I place no blame on others, but I was merely reflecting what I had been taught by those around me.

And I was a good student!

I had to bankrupt myself to clear the air of these false visions for living.  Once my eyes were open, I was able to reconstruct my heart according to the original plans implanted within my soul when I was born.  It is from this perspective I now live.

So I am learning to dance.

I cherish the moments I share with those who are important to me.  I value their presence in my life.  I have sought out and found a kindred spirit who shares many of these same values, and has the courage to carry out the imprints they know to be upon their heart. I desire to dance the up-close, connected dances where commitment is involved.  Those waltzes where bodies touch, hearts mingle and souls are imprinted upon one another in meaningful ways that transcend the time we spend together.

And I will never be the same.

Oh, I know my life may look different.  In reality, I haven’t changed at all.  I just met myself on the plain of authenticity and fell in love with who I am, and what I am to do in this world.  I’ll be honest….at times it is a bit scary.  These are new “clothes” for my heart to wear, and I need time to break them in properly.  For the first time since I was a child, I operate free from fear and judgment.  I opine for unending seasons of passion, while reflecting pools of solace ripple with the contentment of this moment.  Be patient with me; or better yet:

–––Join me

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