True Independence

Today is the 4th of July.  As we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy, I hope each of us will take time to reflect on what it is we value in our country?  Is the “freedom” I celebrate today at the expense of others, or do I fully believe in the idea that free thought is  “…endowed by our Creator?”  Or, as I observe, free thought is endowed, as long as I agree with it; as long as it doesn’t deviate too far from my centrist ideas of religion, work, economy or family.  As we look at the panorama of freedoms to celebrate, I hope we can take time to honor diversity.  Diversity in lifestyle, love, religion and economy.  In so doing, imbibe our lives with compassion and charity above all things, and throw off judgment and fear.  Freedom only exists, if it is freedom for everyone.  True independence for me, is built on your free thought and actions…I believe we call that “Interdependence.”  I think that is what I will celebrate today:  “Interdependence Day!”  That is something worthy of celebration by a global family.


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