For a moment ever so
Quietly…my soul danced
On your smile.
And joy became
The reason.

I don’t know you…
—-but I feel your presence
A melancholy sense
That my world could be,
Connected to yours
In a way I don’t

Strangers, a passing dream:
I wish I could have held you,
Just a bit longer….

I know you think I’m silly….
Confused or just plain fucked….but
What I am is mostly present—-
With those who dare…
….and love

I think you are more
Than what you want me to see, and
I will wait in your dreams,
and love your
Momentary presence in my
For eternity.

For a chance at love’s the
Best we get.
A passion fired with kindred bonds
Consummated spirits play
And hope
And love
And dream……


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